Quotes from supporters

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins MP

“The cuts to VCS infrastructure, particularly organisations like The Chesterfield Volunteer Centre and Derbyshire Voluntary Action could have a catastrophic effect on volunteer networks in Chesterfield, which once gone will be difficult to rebuild.”

Click here to read Toby Perkins letter Dr Chris Clayton, Accountable Officer Derbyshire CCG

High Peak MP Ruth George

“These cuts will surely end up costing the NHS more and will also affect the quality of life and valuable relationships volunteers have built up with patients who are mostly elderly, and often vulnerable and isolated.”

Click here to read Ruth George letter to Dr Ben Milton, Chair North Derbyshire CCG

Chief Executive of Health watch Derbyshire Karen Ritchie

“Although we have listened carefully to the reasoning behind the Financial Recovery Plan, and appreciate that this is a difficult time for Derbyshire CCG, our conversations thus far have done nothing to allay our concerns, which are essentially two-fold:

  • how the plan has been developed and communicated
  • how the plan is being implemented.”

Click here to read Karen Ritchies letter to Dr Chris Clayton, Accountable Officer Derbyshire CCG

Derbyshire County Council Leader Councillor Barry Lewis

“The county council leader has demanded urgent talks with a Derbyshire health chief after learning of NHS plans to cut funding to local voluntary sector organisations.”